Boston is a well established city that is still in the rise.  The most appreciated thing about the city is that it is not as busy as other major cities in the US.  Most people living in this city rent their homes, this is why investing in real estate around this area might be the best decision you ever made. The demand for housing is really high in this area.

Here are some of the interesting areas to own real estate in Boston.


Dorchester is one of the largest and most diverse areas in Boston. It is surrounded by nice restaurants, parks, boutiques and art galleries. Many people prefer living in this area for the quick access to downtown transport. This is a definite win for real estate investors. The houses are affordable to the residents in the area and apartments are always occupied.

East Boston

This area is truly a site to see. It is a small neighbourhood surrounded by large cities on both sides. Most people associate this part of Boston with the busy Logan international airport. The views in this part of the city are amazing. Buying real estate property form this area will cost you more than most parts of Boston city, but you will get more profit in the returns. This area has one of the lowest vacancy rates and residence offers in the city

Jamaica plain

Overtime, Jamaican plain has evolved to be one of the most popular residential areas in Boston.  The place is ever green and environmental friendly, best suited for nature lovers. Jamaican plain is filled with bakeries, restaurants and barber shops, which shows the development of businesses in that area. When you purchase real estate property in Jamaican plain, you are guaranteed good tenants and a high monthly income.

South Boston

Its appearance in a few famous movies has made the area a popular destination.  Tourists are attracted to the Irish bars in south Boston and its panoramic views. Residents can access downtown easily through affordable public transportation.  The area is green with several parks, which is good for new families. South Boston has potential to be a profitable real estate investment

Allston Brighton

The location of Allston Brighton makes it an ever busy area. It has a few businesses such as cafes and bars, and is mostly occupied by college students and business people.  It is a good traditional rental investment due to the never-ending students occupying the area. It is a convenient location, since it is near Harvard and Boston universities. This area is excellent for buying investment property, the apartments are always occupied meaning the monthly income is guaranteed.

Final word


Boston is one of the greatest crime free city to live in, regardless of the number of students living in that city. For the past few years, the economy of the area has been in good shape. Boston is among the best locations for real estate investments, it has several thriving neighbourhood and a never-ending tenant market.